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Old 12-10-2009, 05:35 AM
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Talking DAV&P Roundhouse

My model railroad, the DAV&P is set in the 1940-50’s. On the prototype, steam was long gone, but I kept it around, I just have this thing for steam. The layout was planed and re-planed and then planed again. Its base as close as space time and funding will allow me to, to be as close to the real DAV&P and its track plan as I could be. All the towns are real and all ok most railroad buildings are as closely scratch built to the prototype as I can get. Its neat to be able to walk out the front door of my house and walk 10 min and be at the sight where the round house once stood. So in this post I will cover the Dunkirk round house. The roundhouse was planed to be the jewel of the line. When the second level was constructed, I shortened up the town of Gerry and it lost its passing siding so I could put in the trestle that runs just above the roundhouse, to keep the line of sight open.

The Roundhouse is completely scratch built. It has 4 tracks in side and 3 out side with 3 fake tracks. Each stall is 3 Ĺ feet long. The turntable is 3 feet long and was made from an Atlas O scale turntable. The round house has a complete interior and a scratch built machine shop. The roundhouse took me a bought 6 months to build. I think the roof took the longest, over 1000 shingles. It took a hole weekend to shingle the roof. There are 2 sections of the roof that can be removed for access and viewing.

If you'd like to explore m ore of the layout try this web page: http://www.eclipseauctions.us/davp/ The go to exploring the railroad, then main exploring map. You’ll find track diagrams and colored maps, just click on the map to see that area of the layout. You can go town by town, or sight by sight.
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DAV&P Roundhouse-rh10.jpg   DAV&P Roundhouse-rh13.jpg   DAV&P Roundhouse-rh14.jpg   DAV&P Roundhouse-rh11.jpg  
Sean P. Moore


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